The Bishop’s Lodge heritage garden is one of the oldest in the Riverina. Tended to by a dedicated group of volunteers, the garden combines
historic trees, sweeping lawns, natives plantings and a hidden garden featuring the original roses.

These are the unidentified (found) roses. The second Bishop, Ernest Anderson was a known rose enthusiast and he most likely introduced
them to the garden. They are growing in an enclosed area called the hidden garden and also along the northern border at the front of the

The roses have been named for a person associated with Bishop’s Lodge or the Hay area. The rose name has been prefaced with Bishop’s
Lodge (B.L.).

The amazing collection of heritage roses blooms from October to March, although spring is the very best time to enjoy the stunning display.

SWEET PEAS: $2 per packet
From the original strain of sweet pea, sent to England in 1699 by Frandeous Cupari, a sicilan monk. Colourful burgundy and purple bi-colour
blossoms with a very strong fragrance.

A history and guide by Mary Lou Gardam.

A beautifully crafted, quality metal bookmark.

The propagated Bishop’s Lodge roses and sweet peas, as well as the book and book mark are available for purchase from the gift shop or via
mail order.

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