The Bishop’s Lodge has been a landmark in Hay since 1888 when work began on this official residence for the Anglician Bishop of Riverina.

Sydney Linton was consecrated as the First Bishop of Riverina in St Paul’s cathedral, London, on the of first May 1885. He and his family left England to take up his new position in 1885. In March of that year Linton was installed as Bishop of Riverina at the now demolished ‘Old’ St Paul’s church in Hay.

When the Bishop’s Lodge was built in 1888-9 it cost six thousand, eight hundred pounds. Two thousand of this was paid by Bishop Linton and his father Canon Linton. The paltry sum of one hundred and fifty pounds was raised by the community.

The building aroused considerable local interest at the time, the Riverine Grazier in August 1889 reporting that:

‘The experiment now made for the first time in Hay to nullify the effects of the summer sun invests (the Lodge) also with a certain amount of public interest. During its progress, especially as it has approached completion, it has constituted one of the sights of the town, there being scarcely an hour during the afternoons that there have not been some visitors seeking permission to make a tour of the premises’.

The building was purchased by Hay Shire Council in 1985 and the conservation of the Lodge became the Shire’s major Bicentennial project over the year 1985-1989.

Today, the Bishop’s Lodge is managed by the Bishop’s Lodge Management Committee – a collective of volunteers whose aim is to promote the appreciation, conservation, use and support of the Bishop’s Lodge.


The Lintons 1889-1894
The Andersons 1895-1925
Bishop Halse 1926-1943
Linton House Hostel 1935-1946
Panarettos & Carides 1946-1985
Hay Shire Council with the Bishop’s Lodge Management Committee 1985-present